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Absolute Pest Elimination Is Your Friend!

Here at Absolute Pest Elimination, we strive to serve all your pest control needs.  

Even though the initial devastation of Hurricane Harvey is behind us, many homes are still under repair.  If this includes you, or you know someone working on their home, please call us.  When the drywall has been removed and the studs exposed, it is the best time to treat the home for termites, beetles, and other pests.  Floodwaters bring in pests, and wet and exposed wood attracts wood destroying insects.  Absolute Pest Elimination treats with Bora-Care, a product known to prevent pests from munching on the inner workings of your home.  Please call to schedule an appointment or to get a quote.

It's also chilly out there and those lil' critters are looking to get in on the perks of your cozy home.  They'll come in through gaps in garage doors, eves, a/c lines, etc.  Suspect you have uninvited house guests?  Give us a call!!